Mason County receives approximately $1,800,000 through the Consolidated Homeless Grant, local document recording fees and the 1/10 of 1% Sales and Use Tax (i.e. Treatment Sales Tax) for mental health and chemical dependency treatment. Housing is a factor that influences health (i.e. a social determinate of health), especially affordable housing, and is a community challenge that is common to all low-income housing, homeless, mental health, and chemical dependency providers.


The Housing and Behavioral Health Board shall review and develop recommendations to Mason County’s Department of Community Services and County Commissioners in the areas of:

  1. Funding prioritization and gap identification which can be addressed utilizing available funding sources;
  2. Requests for Proposals (RFP): review, evaluate, score and provide funding recommendations to Mason County Community Services to ensure funding is prioritized in the areas of greatest need;
  3. Set community and program goals and ensure alignment of strategic plans;
  4. Examine and evaluate the identification of goals, performance measures, strategies, and costs and evaluation of progress towards established goals;
  5. Development and/or approval of Policies and Procedures related to the request for proposal process, contract monitoring, performance and corrective actions; and
  6. Define opportunities to better manage services and expected outcomes.

A report containing recommendations on funding priorities should be received by the Board of Commissioners by January 31, of each calendar year beginning in 2019, unless extended by the Board of Commissioners.


Mason County Housing and Behavioral Health Advisory Board be established with the following sources for membership:
Resolution Expanding HBH Membership

  • One County Commissioner, designated as Chair
  • One City Council Member
  • One Board of Health member that is not a county commissioner
  • Social services funder
  • One representative from each tribal nation with land holdings in Mason county
  • Up to 3 Mason County residents, not employed by Mason County, and not to exceed one resident per commissioner district. All interested citizens must complete a Citizens Application found on the Mason County Website. All applicants will be selected and appointed through the County Commissioners; and
  • All members shall serve a four-year term.

Citizen Application:

Positions are open until filled. Advisory Board Application - the application can be returned to the Commissioners' office, 411 North 5th Street, Shelton or emailed to Cassidy -


Until further notice, all meetings are conducted via Zoom and are open to the public. Please see the agenda for the zoom link.

If a member of the public is unable to attend the meeting for public comment, please direct written correspondence to Shelly Bellisle at