The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department resides within the Public Works department of Mason County. The GIS Department creates and maintains geographic data for the support of Mason County Public Works, other county departments, and the public. The GIS Department is committed to providing excellence in GIS services such as base map development, spatial data analysis, and map creation services.

Parcel Map Viewer

Welcome to the Parcel Map Viewer! This site will allow you to interactively explore maps and information about Mason County. You can search for a parcel, turn map layers on and off, measure, zoom in and out, find information about features on the map, and print.

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The Parcel Map Viewer is a way to deliver dynamic maps and data via the Web. Information about the county is displayed in the form of maps, tables, and text, and allows customers to search for a property using a parcel number, a street address, or by simply clicking on the displayed map. Mason County has created this interactive mapping tool in the interest of sharing information with the public in a convenient and easily accessible manner.

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