Mason County Downtown Campus Map


Below is a listing of which office / department reside in which building. Clicking a link below will take you to the associcated office / department. Items without links are for information purposes so you know where to locate a particular office / department.


Building 1
411 N 5th St.
Building 2
410 N 4th St.
Building 3
426 W Cedar St.


Building 4
303 N 4th St.
Building 5
521 W Alder St.
Building 6
414 N 5th St.
  • Modular Courtroom


Building 7
521 N 4th St.
Building 8
415 N 6th St.
Public Health and Human Services
Building 8
615 W Alder St.
Community Development


419 N 4th St
Juvenile Detention Center
317 N 5th St.
  • Juvenile Detention Center


411 N 4th St.
Public Works Facility
100 W Public Works DR
Sheriffs Office
322 N 3rd St