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Job Title Posted Date 1st Review Date Closing Date (5 PM)
 EXTRA HELP- NOXIOUS WEED CONTROL ASSISTANT 11/01/2021 11/15/2021 Open until filled
 DEPUTY PROSECUTING ATTORNEY 11/22/2021 Open until filled
 BUILDING INSPECTOR I, II, III OR IV 11/23/2021 12/14/2021 Open until filled
 TRAINING AND EXERCISE COORDINATOR 12/13/2021 01/21/2022 Open until filled
 THERAPEUTIC COURTS CASEWORKER 01/03/2022 01/21/2022 Open until filled
 COMMUNITY HEALTH SPECIALIST 01/03/2022 01/14/2022 Open until filled
 PUBLIC RECORDS COORDINATOR 01/03/2022 01/18/2022 Open until filled
 DEPUTY CLERK I 01/10/2022 01/24/2022
 FINANCIAL ANALYST 01/11/2022 01/25/2022 Open until filled
 TRUCK DRIVER I-II 01/12/2022 01/25/2022
 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT / PARKS & TRAILS MANAGER 01/19/2022 01/26/2022 Open until filled

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Sheriff’s Office Positions: The filling of vacancies within the Mason County Sheriff’s Office is subject to the Civil Service process. The Civil Service Commission gives competitive tests to determine the fitness of candidates to work in the Sheriff's Office. Applicants that pass all tests are ranked on the Employment Eligibility List according to their test score. Applicants placed upon the eligibility lists are then processed through a vigorous background and reference check process.

To view vacancies and learn how to apply, please go to the Civil Service Website for additional information.