There will be an open meeting of Spencer Lake Management District #3 on April 30, 2022. The meeting will be held at Central Mason Fire & EMS hall 5-7 located at 1741 E Pickering Rd. Meeting will start at 0930 with anticipated ending at 1100.


Work Activity Update - We are currently scheduled to have our first lake treatment for our noxious lily pads and nuisance water shield this Friday morning, 7/24, weather permitting. A second treatment will be done in about a month in the same areas that will be treated Friday. Signs will be posted in the treated and potentially affected areas probably today or tomorrow. Please refer to the Notice you received in the mail around June 25. Our focus areas this year will be to treat the small pockets around the perimeter of the lake to keep them from spreading any further AND the North Pond. Please note that only a portion will be treated this year - in strips - primarily because we need to start slow to minimize any potential for the creation of floating bogs. Our contractor has told us that with the method they use, they have never had any problems with bogs. Property owners can help by minimizing boat usage Friday morning and early afternoon as the wakes and waves can wash the treatment off until it has a chance to dry and bind with the surface of the pads. If treatment is canceled due to unfavorable conditions, we will try to communicate this as early as we can so boat usage can return to normal! Herb LarsonLMD #3 Secretary