RCW 36.48.070
County finance committee — Approval of investment policy and debt policy — Rules.
The county treasurer, the county auditor, and the chair of the county legislative authority, ex officio, shall constitute the county finance committee. The county treasurer shall act as chair of the committee and the county auditor as secretary thereof. The committee shall keep a full and complete record of all its proceedings in appropriate books of record and all such records and all correspondence relating to the committee shall be kept in the office of the county auditor and shall be open to public inspection. The committee shall approve a county investment policy and a county debt policy and shall make appropriate rules and regulations for the carrying out of the provisions of RCW 36.48.010 through 36.48.060, not inconsistent with law.
Depositaries to be designated by treasurer.

Each county treasurer shall annually at the end of each fiscal year or at such other times as may be deemed necessary, designate one or more financial institutions in the state which are qualified public depositaries as set forth by the public deposit protection commission as depositary or depositaries for all public funds held and required to be kept by the treasurer, and no county treasurer shall deposit any public money in financial institutions, except as herein provided. Public funds of the county or a special district for which the county treasurer acts as its treasurer may only be deposited in bank accounts authorized by the treasurer or authorized in statute. All bank card depository service contracts for the county and special districts for which the county treasurer acts as its treasurer must be authorized by the county treasurer.
Depositaries to be designated by treasurer — Deposited funds deemed in county treasury.
The county treasurer shall deposit with any depositary, which has fully complied with all requirements of RCW 36.48.010 through 36.48.060, any county money in his or her hands or under his or her official control, and for the purpose of making the quarterly settlement and counting funds in the hands of the treasurer any sums so on deposit shall be deemed to be in the county treasury.
Depositaries to be designated by treasurer — Treasurer's liability and bond additional.
The provisions of RCW 36.48.010 through 36.48.060 shall in no way relieve or release the county treasurer from any liability upon his or her official bond as such treasurer, or any surety upon such bond, and shall in no way affect the duty of the several county treasurers to give bond as required by law.
[2009 c 549 § 4085; 1963 c 4 § 36.48.050. Prior: 1907 c 51 § 5; RRS § 5566.]
Definition — "Financial institution."
"Financial institution," whenever it occurs in RCW 36.48.010 through 36.48.050, means a branch of a bank engaged in banking in this state in accordance with *RCW 30.04.300, and any state bank or trust company, national banking association, stock savings bank, mutual savings bank, or savings and loan association, which institution is located in this state and lawfully engaged in business.
[1984 c 177 § 9; 1963 c 4 § 36.48.060. Prior: 1907 c 51 § 6; RRS § 5567.]
*Reviser's note: RCW 30.04.300 was recodified as RCW 30A.04.300 pursuant to 2014 c 37 § 4, effective January 5, 2015.