The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provides $350 billion in emergency funding for eligible state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments to respond to the COVID-19 emergency and bring back jobs.

The US Treasury has given Mason County, WA $12,968,901 of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Grant money. The funds came in two installments and must be obligated by 12/31/2024 and expended by 12/31/2026. Below are the projects that Mason County has obligated to receive these funds as of 6/26/2023 (the remaining funds are reserved for administration):

First Installment:

PUD 1 Customer Arrearages due to COVID $125,000 ($100,000 Reallocated to HCC Eldon Fiber Buildout)
HCC Customer Arrearages due to COVID $110,000
Mason County Treasurer Property Tax Reimbursement - individual households $125,000
Mason County Treasurer Property Tax Reimbursement - small businesses $75,000
EDC Small Business Grants $500,000
Crossroads Housing for Assistance to Homeless Veterans $10,000
Mason County Housing Authority Rent Arrearages $100,000
The Arc of the Peninsulas $35,000
Signing Bonus for Corrections Deputies $30,000
MCSO Body Cameras & Install $742,364
PUD 3 Belfair Substation $1,500,000
Public Records Software GovQA $22,700
Mason County Prosecutors Office 2nd floor expansion $75,000
Mason County Jail Elevator Doors $80,000
PUD 1 Agate Beach Water System Mainline $559,000
PUD 1 Vuecrest Storage Upgrade Phase 1 & 2 $158,284
CEDS Belfair Water New Well for Commercial Core UGA $450,000
HCC Colony Surf Fiber Buildout $313,556
HCC Eldon Fiber Buildout $601,932
Mason County IT Infrastructure Backbone/Storage upgrade $136,261
Public Works- Beards Cove AC Mainline Replacement $100,000
Public Works- Belfair PS #1 Improvement Project $150,000
Public Works- Belfair PS #3 Improvement Project $180,000 ($90,00 Reallocated to Mason County Utility Arrearages)
Public Works- Lakeland Pump Station $42,000
Public Works- 70 Grinder Pumps $151,273
Port of Allyn Water Company $100,000
Washington State Association of Counties 2022 Dues $4,000
Mason County Utility Arrearages $90,000
Total Obligated First Installment: $6,376,370

Second Installment:

Belfair Sewer Extension $1,500,000
Mason County Fiber Optic Upgrade $425,000
Belfair Water Backup Generators $300,000
PUD #1 Vuecrest Storage Phase #3 $750,000
Belfair Sewer Log Yard Road Extension Design $250,000
Eels Hill Yard Goats $240,000
North Mason Fire Mobile Integrated Health Program Startup $337,000
Mason County Housing Authority Unit Renovations $750,000
DCD Records Archival & Scanning Project $542,000
Shelton Young Adult Transitional Housing Project $722,000
Mason County Emergency & Disaster Response Center $50,667
Mason County Sheriff’s Office Bearcat $342,000
Camp Sluys Youth Camp $30,000
Community Lifeline $34,790

Total Obligated Second Installment: $6,273,457
Grand Total Obligated ARPA Funds: $12,649,827