Mason County Business Damage Assessment

Mason County Emergency Management is collecting information from businesses on damages, including losses, suffered during the recent winter storm. This information will be used to support our request for aid from Washington State and the Federal Government. At this point there is no guarantee that we will receive aid.

If your Mason County business sustained damage as a result of the storm, you may be eligible for federal disaster assistance as you begin to clean up. Even if you have suffered only minor damage and do not expect to need assistance, you should still submit a report. If the damage occurred outside of Mason County, please contact that county to report.

Fill out this form one time for each location where damage occurred. Do not combine locations into one form, If you need help filling out this form, please call (360) 427-7535 and leave a message. Someone will call you back to assist.

Every question must be answered in order to be processed.

    • AFFECTED: Business damaged but still operational
    • MINOR: Conditional use, repairable in < 30 days and for a few thousand $$
    • MAJOR: Uninhabitable with structural loss of >50% of FMV
    • DESTROYED: Business permanently closed