In these tough economic times Mason County Parks and Trails Department could use your help in helping us maintain your favorite Mason County Park site. Mason County Parks and Trails Department is currently looking for individuals and groups to become “Friends” of the following Mason County Park sites:

  • Foothills Park
  • Jacoby – Shorecrest Park
  • Latimers Landing
  • Mcra
  • Sandhill Park
  • Menards Landing
  • Oakland Bay Park
  • Truman Glick Park
  • Union Park
  • Walker Park

What is a “Friends of the Park” group? It is a group of individuals, park user groups, or private businesses dedicated to helping the County maintain and possibly enhance the park of your choice. The Friends of the Park group achieves its goals by providing information, offering activities, and creating opportunities for the community to invest time and resources in support of the park of your choice. The Friends group will play an active role in the planning and advocacy for the parks future. Some sample tasks that a “Friends of the Park” group can work on include, but are not limited to:

  • To develop and maintain a partnership focused on caring for your park among community, park user groups, local businesses, and parks staff
  • To support and advocate for all park user groups.
  • To facilitate communication among park user groups.
  • Advise parks staff on park issues.
  • Participate in the maintenance management process of the park.
  • Participate in the park planning and future of the park.
  • To initiate and coordinate volunteer projects and activities.
  • To raise funds for park maintenance, park projects, improvements, and activities.
  • To preserve any existing historic or natural features in the park.
  • To assist Mason County in keeping your park operating and open to the public.

For more information on the “Friends Program”, contact Mason County Parks Department:

360-427-9670 ext 535 (Shelton)

360-275-4467 ext 535 (Belfair)