Clean water is vitally important to our public health, cultural heritage, economic well-being, recreational opportunities, and maintaining a healthy environment.

Did you know stormwater runoff is a threat to clean water? 

  • It causes and contributes to flooding and erosion.
  • It damages important fish and shellfish habitats.
  • It is the Number 1 water pollution problem in urban areas.

Chances are pretty good you’ve seen stormwater runoff. It’s the water from rain or snow that runs off yards, roofs and roadways. As gravity pulls it downhill into low spots, ditches and storm drains, the water picks up soil, chemicals and other pollutants and carries them into our lakes, rivers, wetlands and marine waters.

Our waters, fish, shellfish and wildlife species aren’t the only things at risk. Stormwater problems can also affect the health and safety of people.

In Mason County, many agencies, governments and groups are working together to manage and regulate stormwater. 

As we develop land to accommodate our growing population, our stormwater problem grows, too. The good news is we can do something about it—together we can make all the difference.

Questions, comments, or concerns about stormwater?  Contact:
Loretta Swanson
Mason County Stormwater Program
(360) 427-9670 ext 769

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