I want to sell my mobile home. What am I required to do?

Moving Within Mason County: If you are going to move the mobile home within the county, you must obtain a permit from the Treasurer’s Office. You will be required to pay the full year’s property taxes at that point, which will be certified on the documents you obtain with the moving decal.

Moving Outside of Mason County: If the mobile home is moving out of Mason County to another Washington State county or if the mobile home is going into a dealer’s inventory, the next year’s taxes must be collected in advance. An Advance Tax must be requested with the Assessor’s Office.

You will be required to complete a Mobile Home Excise Tax Affidavit with the Treasurer’s Office. The full year’s taxes must be paid and will be documented on the Excise Tax Affidavit. You will then go to the Licensing Division of the County Auditor’s Office to change the ownership on the title.