Groups that perform charity food collection and/or serves meals to the needy in the community are called donated food distribution organizations (DFDO). The Washington Administrative Code (WAC), 246-215 has guidelines and regulatory requirements that are pertinent to DFDOs.

Because these organizations distribute food to the needy, there is no cost involved for compliance. WAC section 246-215-151 states that a DFDO is exempt from the provisions in regards to operating with a valid food establishment permit.

In order to be exempt from the permit process, please provide Mason County Public Health with the information below:

  1. Register with Mason County Public Health: You can register with us by completing a Food Establishment Permit Application. The fees are waived so please complete the application as fully as possible. Please make sure to include the following information:
    • Where and how the food is obtained (i.e. donated, purchased from store, etc.).
    • Where and how the food is prepared.
    • Is the food served indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, how is the food protected from contamination?
    • If food is being hot held and cold held, how is this occurring?
  2. Include a short, informal letter or note outlining your operation.
  3. Also, a DFDO is required to notify Mason County Public Health in writing annually about their plan of operation for the year.
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