Mason County Superior Court is committed to protecting the safety and security of our community while performing our Constitutional duties.

The Court is open but has significantly modified and reduced operations as described in the following Scheduling and Procedures COVID-19 Plans: General, Juvenile Offender, Adult Criminal. Telephonic appearance for most hearings are not only encouraged, but may be required. For criminal, juvenile offender and dependency cases, contact your lawyer first to learn if your personal or telephonic appearance is required.

Telephonic appearances: With a few exceptions* all telephonic appearances will be grouped together by the type of Court Docket utilizing a telephonic/computerized meeting service called ZOOM. All parties and representatives will be required to join a ZOOM Meeting by accessing the ZOOM service ten minutes before the docket is scheduled to begin. You will then remain in the ZOOM Meeting until your matter is heard by the Court.

If you have a matter that is on a Court Docket, you will appear one of two ways. One way is by either using a computer (microphone and speakers/headset required) or smart phone and joining the ZOOM Meeting by going to the Designated Website and entering the Meeting ID number for your Court Docket. The other way is by using a telephone and dialing 1-253-215-8782, then when prompted, enter the Meeting ID number for your Court Docket.

*Ex Parte matters that need to go on the record, Protection Order matters, along with some special set hearings, will be managed individually through Court Administration at (360) 427-8440.

To find your Court Docket and to find the Designated Website and Meeting ID number for your court docket, please follow these ZOOM instructions.

Jurors: All Mason County Superior Court jury trials are suspended through April 10, 2020. If you have received a Summons for a date before then, your service is complete and you are excused. More information can be found on the Jury web page.

Family Law Facilitator: Assists parties who represent themselves in family law actions Click here for more information



County Clerk Sharon Fogo

Mason County Clerk Sharon Fogo has been working for the this office since November 1992 and was appointed as Clerk on January 1st of 2017.

The County Clerk is an elected position. The position is provided by the Washington State Constitution with specific and special duties assigned by statute and court rules. All the duties are mandated.

The position of County Clerk is best characterized as the administrative and financial officer of the Superior Court. The County Clerk's purpose is to ensure the separation of powers among the three branches of government by preserving the integrity of the judiciary. Those three branches are Executive, Judicial and Legislative.

This purpose is accomplished in three ways:

By being independent of the judicial branch, the Clerk protects the judiciary from the appearance of impropriety or unfairness in the setting of cases, implementation of orders, or investment of funds.

The Clerk is located in the Executive Branch of government and provides the avenue for external oversight of the judiciary without legislative or executive branch interference with its actions, integrity or independence.

As an independent elected official, the Clerk preserves for the public unrestrained access to a fair, accurate, and independently established record of the opinions, decisions, and judgments of the court.