Mason County conducted a periodic review of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP), consistent with the State Shoreline Management Act (SMA; RCW 90.58) and Ecology’s Periodic Review Rule set forth in WAC 173-26-90. The Program was last comprehensively updated in 2017. The intent of this periodic review was the following:

  • to revise code as necessary to incorporate updates to the Shoreline Management Act as prescribed by the Washington State Department of Ecology
  • to assure consistency of the SMP with Comprehensive Plan and development regulations
  • to provide clarifications to improve implementation and accessibility of the Shoreline Master Program

The SMP is both a planning document that sets policy and a set of development regulations for the County’s shoreline areas, including adjacent upland areas within 200 feet of designated shorelines. The primary policy objectives of the SMA are to encourage water-dependent and water-oriented uses, protect the shoreline ecology and natural resources, and promote public access.

After five workshops and two public hearings, the Planning Advisory Commission recommended approval of the proposed amendments, resulting from the periodic review, to the BOCC. The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) adopted an ordinance on October 12, 2021 that amended the Mason Count Shoreline Master Program (Title 17.50), Mason County Resource Ordinance (Title 8.52), and the Development Code (Title 15).

The Washing State Department of Ecology has provided their formal approval of the County’s SMP, siting consistency with RCW 90.58 (Shoreline Management Act). Details of this approval here. The updated regulations take effect on December 20, 2021.

Amended Documents

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

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