Water Falls
Photo: Bill Graham

Water-quality concerns continue to exist in Hood Canal watersheds, particularly where fecal coliform and stream temperature exceed state standards. Hood Canal itself suffers from low levels of dissolved oxygen and saltwater intrusion may soon be a concern along the south shore of Hood Canal.

Installing a water quality monitoring well at Webb Hill
Installing a water quality monitoring well at Webb Hill

The Watershed Team has addressed water quality concerns in the watershed by:

  • Responding to the need for concerted and sustained water quality monitoring by developing a comprehensive plan to measure surface water quality for all streams entering Hood Canal
  • Seeking secure, long-term funding for full implementation of the water quality monitoring plan
  • Working towards de-listing of eligible 303d-listed streams
  • Fostering coordination of agencies involved in water quality monitoring
  • Fostering exchange of information about on-site septic system programs and funding options for septic upgrades
  • Publishing newsletters and other materials with information on ways to protect and restore water quality
  • Hiring a hydrogeologic investigation of groundwater flows and water quality at the Webb Hill biosolids application site leading to an Agreed Order in 2009 regarding site management and mitigation of impacts
  • Encouraging efforts to minimize impervious surfaces, Low Impact Development (LID), and retention of native vegetation through outreach, education and coordination between agencies
  • Supporting the work of the Mason and Jefferson County Conservation Districts

Twanoh State Park in 2011 Beach Closure Twanoh State Park in 2011 Photo: Constance Ibsen

Additional Water Quality Information

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