Mason County Public Health is delegated authority by the Department of Ecology to oversee the sealing, tagging and decommissioning portions of Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 173-160 in relation to drinking water wells. The Department of Ecology is responsible for regulating all other aspects of well drilling in Mason County. To view this regulation or any other information regarding individual wells, click the following link: Dept. of Ecology.  From this link, you may also access the State Department of Ecology’s Water Well Report (Well Log) database. The well log database allows you to search for your own well log or for well logs in your area.

In order to drill a well in Mason County you must perform the following steps:

  1. Discuss the well siting with your driller. Become familiar with the well setbacks as listed in the well siting link (below).
  2. Determine whether you or your driller will obtain the necessary documents (Notices of Intent from Ecology and Mason County with attendant fees)
  3. Once the fees are paid and documents submitted, the driller must call Mason County Public Health at least 24 hours prior to starting the well.
  4. Drill the well.
  5. The driller must submit a copy of the Water Well Report (well log) to the well owner and to Ecology.
  6. If the well is being drilled preparatory to building a structure with plumbing, a water sample must be analyzed and the results submitted with the building permit along with the well log and the application for determination of water adequacy form.
Individual Well Links