The Solid Waste Program regulates hulk (junk) and inoperable vehicles and in Mason County. Vehicles regulated fall under Mason County Title 6 Sanitary Code, 6.72.040.

The County defines a hulk vehicle as a vehicle meeting any two of the following criteria:

Damage to the frame, a missing or shattered window or windshield, a missing or damaged wheel, tire, body part, a missing, damaged or inoperable door, hood or trunk lid; more than one flat tire; a missing, damaged or inoperable engine or transmission; a missing license plate or plate that has been invalid for more than one year.

And an inoperable vehicle as:

Any vehicle which is no longer able to operate for it’s intended purpose, or any vehicle with a build-up of debris, moss or weeds on, in, under, or around the vehicle, or a vehicle which is not licensed or has not been moved in sixty days.

For proper disposal of hulk vehicles from your property, the title of the vehicle will need to be obtained. If the owner of the vehicle is unknown, a law enforcement officer can perform a "Hulk Inspection". This inspection will help to identify the vehicle owner and allow them to be notified, and given a chance to remove the vehicle themselves. If the owner cannot be found or does not respond to the notification within 15 days after the letter is mailed out, then a signed Affidavit of Sale can be used as an ownership document. Please contact the Sheriff's Department to request a "Hulk Inspection."