The term solid waste means: material such as household garbage (includes recycling), food wastes, yard wastes, and demolition or construction debris. It also includes discarded items like household appliances, furniture, scrap metal, machinery, car parts and abandoned or junk vehicles.

Who’s Responsible?

The owners, operators, and/or occupants of any premises are responsible for the satisfactory and legal disposal of all solid waste generated or accumulated on the property.

Storage and Removal of Solid Waste

All solid waste must be stored in a safe, sanitary and nuisance free manner. Garbage must be stored in sturdy, waterproof, animal-proof containers with tight fitting lids; it has to be removed at least every other week. Accumulating solid waste and storing it outside in plastic bags, trailers or pickup trucks is not acceptable.

Illegal Dumping

It is illegal to dump or bury solid waste on your own property or anywhere else. The Mason County office of Environmental Health is actively investigating all reported illegal dumps and issuing tickets with fines from $250 for the first offense. With garbage pick up at around $15.00 per month for weekly service there is no excuse for illegal dumping or burning!

Pet Feces

Pet feces, such as dog droppings, must be disposed of at least once a week; it can be double bagged and placed in with household garbage. Click here for more information.

What are the Penalties for Non-compliance?

Violations of these regulations may result in a fine of $250 for the first offense. Repeat violators will be charged double $500.00), with an additional $100 restitution fee added.

You could also eventually lose your property for non-compliance if we are forced to pursue other legal remedies to gain compliance.