The administration of the Mason County Detention Center believe it to be of great value for families to remain in contact during a youth's time in detention. This is a very stressful time for a young person and contact with parents and/or guardians can be helpful in reducing that stress.

The space inside our detention center is quite limited. Further, the time allowed for visitations is limited due to our lack of available space. Consequently, it is important that parents or guardians who wish to visit their youth comply with the requirements of the detention facility. Our requirements are as follows:

1) Visitation sessions are scheduled each evening except on Tuesdays.

2) Visitation is limited to a maximum of three times per week per child. Consequently, if you are in a split family, one parent will have one visit one week and two the next. If there is a dispute about how this works, contact the Detention Manager at extension 334.
Note: This is not a guarantee that there are three visitation slots available each week for your child.

3) To schedule a visitation, call 427-9670 ext. 739.

4) Visitations are limited to 20 minutes.

5) Visits will occur only during the time scheduled. If a parent is late, he or she will only be allowed visitation during the remaining scheduled time.

6) No purses or bags are allowed in detention.

7) Other than stamps and envelopes, visitors must not bring items into detention without prior approval. Any items brought by the visitor may NOT go directly to a detainee. Items must go directly to staff. No food items are allowed in detention.

8) There is to be no physical contact during the visitation between the visitor and the detainee. Physical contact allows an opportunity to pass dangerous objects into detention. This policy is in place for the protection of all youth and staff in our facility.

9) All persons or objects coming into detention are subject to being searched. The search does not involve the touching of your person. If a visitor is asked to be searched and refuses, that person must leave the premises.

10) Bring picture identification when coming for your visit.

11) Only parents, guardians, and attorneys are authorized to visit without further clearance from Detention Administration.

12) If asked to leave the facility, you must do so immediately.