How do I talk to someone if I have a general question about a case or a record in the Sheriff’s Office?

360-427-9670 ext. 314

Fingerprinting is by appointment only.

Fingerprinting services for any purpose other than criminal matters is by appointment only. Complete the form and request an appointment at General Fingerprinting (Non-CPL) Online Application & Payment Portal

How do I get the Sheriff’s Office to come and evict my tenant?

The Sheriff’s Office does not become involved in any evictions until you obtain the ‘Writ of Restitution ‘. There are several steps you must take prior to obtaining this document. They can be explained to you by your attorney. Another helpful resource is the web page about ‘Landlord/Tenant Laws’ which is on the Office of the Attorney General under Safeguarding Consumers.

Visit the Washington State Attorney General’s Office web page on the Landlord/Tenant Law.

How do I get a protection order?

If you are attacked (physically assaulted), call 911 immediately.

Protection orders are initially handled through the court system – 360-427-9670 ext. 346 for Superior Court or 339 for District Court.

How do I get a permit to carry a concealed pistol?

One of the duties of the Sheriff is to issue such permits to individuals that are legally qualified to carry a concealed pistol. The decision to carry a concealed pistol imposes serious burdens and responsibilities on an individual. Please read our firearms page for more information about carrying a concealed pistol. Then access the form and apply at CPL Application & Fingerprinting

How do I get a Forest Products Permit?

Stop by the Sheriff’s Office during regular business hours to pick up a Forest Products Harvesting Permit, complete the permit and return it to the Shelton Office for validation.

How do I access court records?

You can download a brochure from that details information about obtaining court records.

How do I make a records request from the Sheriff’s Office?

Click here for more information Public Disclosure Page.

For further Civil/Support Services information contact Mason County Sheriff’s Office at: 360-427-9670 ext. 313.