Believe it or not, we cannot take everything! We too have rules (regulations). Loads that don't meet our requirements will not be allowed to dump. Save yourself time and frustration by knowing what is and isn't accepted. Here's the information on what is accepted and how it must be prepared:

We cannot Accept:
  • Liquids, explosives, flammables or ammunition. This includes liquid latex paint, flares, blasting caps and any unstable material that could spontaneously ignite or explode.
  • Dirt. Incidental dirt and rocks that get swept in small quantities is fine. But quantities of soil, dirt and rocks are not accepted.
  • Biohazard, radioactive or medical wastes.
  • Biosolids or septage
  • Asbestos. Please call the Solid Waste Manager for advance approval during normal business hours (360) 427-9670, ext. 273.
  • 55 gallon drums. Must be clean on the inside and have one end cut out.
  • Animals or animal waste. Must be triple bagged.
  • Appliances, metal items, refrigerated units. Doors must be removed and appliances must be free of any trash. These are handled separately from the rest of the trash so please be sure you will be able to unload them separately.
  • Demolition material. Max size per piece 5' X 8'. No material can be longer than 8'. Bricks, concrete or asphalt must be broken down to 1'X1'X1' or smaller.
  • Household-generated Hazardous Waste: These materials cannot be disposed in the trash. We have a separate receiving area for these materials. This includes products such as pesticides, fertilizers, oil-based stains and paint, solvents, aerosols, ballasts containing PCBs, fuel, etc.
  • Landscape Waste. The material is accept for recycling for a reduced rate.
  • Pressurized cylinders. Must be open, valve removed and empty. This includes all propane and gas cylinders and fire extinguishers.
  • Septic tanks. Must be certified by the Mason County Health Department as clean.
  • Stumps. Stumps are not accepted for recycling unless they are smaller than 6 inches in diameter/6 feet in length and are free of rocks and dirt. Stumps can be disposed if they are smaller than 8 feet in length and 3 feet in diameter.
  • Tanks. Any tank that is over 5 gallons cannot be accepted unless certified by the Mason County Health Department as clean. Tanks and crankcases from machinery, such as lawnmowers, must be drained and all oil and fuel removed (we cannot accept liquid wastes).
  • Tires. Axels, hubs, etc. must be removed from the hub. Must be separated from any other trash being disposed. If filled with material such as cement they will need to be thrown away with other trash.
  • Vehicles or vehicle parts. Any vehicle or vehicle part larger than 1'X1'X1' must have a title. Examples include cars, motorcycles, trail bikes, trailers, campers and boats or any major component of any of these types of vehicles.