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  • Additional Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine:
    • An extra dose of COVID-19 vaccine is not authorized for the general public at this time and is only reserved for individuals that are moderately to severely immunocompromised. If you have questions about whether or not you need another dose based on your medical condition, please contact your health care provider.
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Do to the increase in COVID-19 Cases we will be updating the Mason County Status Report Daily. For more COVID-19 Data please visit the Washington State Department of Health (WA DOH) COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

Mason County COVID-19 Status Report

Last Updated: 09/24/2021
New Confirmed Cases Since Last Release 21 Total Confirmed Cases 3730
Hospitalized in Mason County 5 Total Deaths 55
Hospitalized outside Mason County 1 Total Tests Performed 73091

Rate per 100K new cases during the prior 2 weeks.
*Based on population 64,980 used by WA DOH

Cases in Last 14 Days


Death Demographics
Age Range Deaths Male Female
0-19 0 0 0
20-39 1 1 0
40-59 11 10 1
60-79 19 12 7
80+ 24 15 9

All Case Age & Gender Demographics (WA State DOH Dashboard)

The general public order: This order from the secretary of health requires Washingtonians, with some exceptions, to wear face coverings in public spaces (indoors in most situations, and outdoors when proper physical distancing can’t be maintained). People are individually responsible to comply with this order.

As Mason County Public Health and Washington State Department of Health responds to the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington State, there are hundreds of questions each day. While it’s difficult to answer each and every question received. Washington State Department of Health has compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and their responses.