NOTE: All programs must be BY order of a court

EHM (Electronic Home Monitoring) and CAM (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring)

These two programs allow pre-trial and sentenced individuals to serve time at their home instead of being confined in jail. Individuals may be allowed to work and go to treatment while on these programs.

Day Reporting

Day reporting is another form of Alternative Sentence. It requires the offender to report to the jail on set days for check-in. Individuals may be required to work at the jail when they report. Work can include litter crew or projects for other departments.

Work Release

Work release allows offenders to keep their jobs outside of jail. The offender would be housed inside our facility and allowed to leave the jail to work or for court ordered treatments. After work or treatment, the offender would return to jail.

For more information about Alternative Sentencing please contact:
Alternative Sentencing at 360 427-9670, ext. 172 or 570.
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We now accept payment for Alternative Sentencing and DUI programs using your credit or debit cards.

Credit/Debit Card Payment Information

Click the link below. You will be taken to the official Point and Pay website to complete your payment transaction. Choose the type of payment (Alternative Sentencing or DUI Class) from the drop down. A convenience fee will be charged. Your payment ID is your confirmation receipt.