All visitation is conducted via video visit.

Visitation will be provided through our contract vendor Securus Technologies. You must set up an account with them (and be approved).

  • Step 1: VisitVisit
  • Step 2: Click on the “Sign up” button in the “Remote Video” box and enter ALL requested information.
  • Step 3: wait on your approval or denial email.
  • Step 4: Download the app to your phone, computer, or tablet

Helpful Videos

Visitation Terms and Conditions

General Rules:

Participation in video visitation is a privilege, not a right. Both visitors and inmates are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times during a video visit.

MASON COUNTY JAIL reserves the right to deny, cancel or terminate a video visit before or during a visiting session based upon visitor or inmate misconduct.

  • Visitors are subject to warrant checks
  • Visits that knowingly violate courts orders shall not be permitted
  • Visitors shall be 18 years old.
  • Profanities, nudity, and illicit gestures are prohibited (visitors & inmates must be fully clothed at all times)
  • Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall not be permitted to visit
  • No food or beverages are allowed on the premises
  • Any damage to property or other criminal actions will be prosecuted
  • The public may visit more than one inmate daily (1 at a time).
  • Each inmate is limited to 2 on-site visits per week.

MASON COUNTY JAIL also reserves the right to restrict visitors from participating in any future use of the system.

Video visits are recorded and subject to electronic monitoring by MASON COUNTY JAIL personnel. Your use of this video visitation system constitutes consent to this recording and monitoring.

Attorney video visits ARE NOT recorded or monitored by MASON COUNTY JAIL personnel.

Scheduling & Availability:

All visitors must schedule visits at least 24 hours prior to the desired visit.

Inmates housed in any cell in Grid A have limited visitation availability. They can only visit during the times listed below:

On-Site Visitation Hours:

Monday – Sunday 7:00am to 9:30pm

Certain inmates may have visitation restrictions and these hours may not apply.

Picture ID and PIN are required at the time of visit.