The Detective Division is comprised of deputies who are responsible for conducting complex and major criminal investigations. The most common types of cases investigated are death, felony assault, sexual assault, child/elder neglect and abuse, robbery, burglary, theft, and fraud.

The detectives initiate and conduct investigations of illegal drug use, sales, and manufacture in Mason County. The Detective Division also acts as an educational and informational resource for the public and other governmental agencies regarding illegal drugs, their use, and the drug subculture, and provides information regarding child safety issues.

While detectives are not as visible to the public as patrol officers, they play a vital role in the success of the Sheriff’s Office. On major crimes the detectives often take up where Patrol leaves off, gathering the detailed information necessary for a successful prosecution.

Detectives also play a role in community policing. Detectives often see patterns in thefts, drug activity, assaults and other crimes that can be positively impacted by working with citizens and Patrol to find solutions to these problems.