Aggression Replacement Training (A.R.T.) is an intensive 10-week program designed to address the behavior of aggressive youth, reduce anti-social behaviors, and offer an alternative of pro-social skills. The three components of A.R.T. include Social Skills, Anger Control Training, and Moral Reasoning.

Benefits of A.R.T.

The tools learned in A.R.T. will help youth get along with others in school, at home, with friends, and at work.

Also, when youth successfully complete A.R.T., they can earn up to 45 hours off of their community service total.

Who Teaches A.R.T.

Members of the Juvenile Court staff have completed the necessary training to teach A.R.T.

Classes for A.R.T. are typically held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school.

The Bottom Line!

The bottom line in A.R.T. is that youth will, together, learn ways to successfully relate to others.

If you are interested in learning more about A.R.T., you may contact
Sonya Miles at (360) 427-9670 x 248