Diversion is a legal process that allows the Prosecutor to refer eligible offenders to a board of citizen volunteers. The goals of Diversion are to restore the community and hold youth accountable for their criminal behavior without immersing them in the juvenile justice system. Community volunteers that are screened and trained make up the Community Accountability Board. The Board hears the case and decides what consequences to impose. Juvenile Court staff provides supervision.

Juvenile Diversion Flow Chart

Juvenile Diversion Flow Chart

Diversion vs. Criminal Prosecution

Diversion: A $40 service fee (subject to change) is assessed when the juvenile is placed on Diversion. A fine of up to $100 may also be imposed.
Criminal Prosecution: If convicted in Juvenile Court, a juvenile can be assessed attorney fees, crime victim’s fund, fines, and restitution. Additionally, parents may be charged a fee to compensate the county for the cost of housing the juvenile in detention.
Diversion: Not available.
Criminal Prosecution: Detention could be ordered by the court.
Diversion: No conviction on record. Records show Diversion Agreement entered and if completed.
Criminal Prosecution: Conviction on record.
Diversion: Supervision from Probation ends when terms of agreement are completed.
Criminal Prosecution: Length and level of supervision determined by the Court.

If you are interested in learning more about the Diversion Program, please contact:

Mason County Prosecutor’s Office
(360) 427-9670 x 417

Mason County Juvenile Court
Sonya Miles
(360) 427-9670 x 248