Mason County Superior Court requires that all civil lawsuits involving claims of $100,000.00 or less, exclusive of attorneys fees, interest and costs, be submitted to mandatory arbitration.  This requirement also includes family law cases regarding child support or spousal maintenance where the sole relief sought is the establishment, modification or termination of maintenance or child support payments which have not been resolved on a regular motion docket.

Arbitrators can be stipulated to by the parties using the list of arbitrators maintained by Superior Court, or another qualified arbitrator.

Once a case is submitted to arbitration, arbitration strike lists and other forms are generated and mailed to the parties.  Generally, five arbitrator names are provided from a random rotation list.  Each party is to strike two names and select two names.  The lists are returned and an arbitrator is appointed.

The arbitrator will contact the parties to establish a date and time for the arbitration hearing.  Once the hearing has been held an arbitration award will be sent to the court.  If a party disagrees with the decision of the arbitrator they have the option of filing a Request for Trial de Novo.

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